March – A full on month!


March has seen a whole heap of work, niggles and annoyances - including:

  • A failure of a computer – two cooling fans kaput – fixed!
  • Spilling a full mug of coffee over the mobile phone – also kaput – not fixed!
    (Maybe I can blag an early upgrade)?
  • A WordPress site failure – users could not login – the white ‘screen of death’ – fixed!
  • A Joomla! website being hacked by an anti-western muslim cyber terrorist – fixed!
  • A Yahoo email account hacked – fixed!
  • A customer’s email niggling email problems – fixed!
  • Tendering for doing two pub websites – ongoing!
  • Achieving a 30% increase in website traffic for
    Now 15,000 vistits from 5,500 unique computers + 158,000 pages – stellar!
  • Sorting out a neighbours lap top + BT internet connectivity issue + cloud backup – fixed!
  • Achieving a customers’ Google No1 ranking for ‘mobile phone repairs in Horsham’
  • Very pleased to see that free wifi is shortly to be available in all WSCC Libraries!
    (I got them to agree to ‘allow’ and ‘plug in’ lap tops in libraries)!
    Slowly, slowly catchy monkey!
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