How to Import Outlook Contacts into Facebook

We  thought we were  going barking mad….

We are now doing a Facebook Business Page for most of our customers.
Integrating the client’s website with the Facebook Page is a snip.
But it has been quite a while since we have exported the customer’s Outlook Contacts into Facebook.

The theory is dead simple.
You export the Outlook Contacts as a .csv (Windows) file.
Save it on to the desktop and then upload this file to Facebook.
But would this work? Not on your Nellie!
So what was going wrong for us, and were we we really being all that daft?

On investigation we found buried deep within the Facebook help files were these magic words.
“Ensure that the first column contains the contacts’ email addresses and it is called ‘Email addresses’”.
Ours was headed ‘Email address’
So we did that, and yes, (you guessed) it, the file uploaded first time without any hitch or glitch.
Why this key information is not displayed more prominently beats us!

It is often  the simple little things that take such a lot of time and cause such huge frustration. Solving them is very satisfying!


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