Meeting of NMBIBBH tonight – 7.30 @ Shelley Arms


There will be another meeting of No More Building on Broadbridge Heath tonight (27th January 2014) at the Shelley Arms pub at 7.30pm. Be there or be square!

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Check our news page for information about our latest projects!

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March – A full on month!


March has seen a whole heap of work, niggles and annoyances - including:

  • A failure of a computer – two cooling fans kaput – fixed!
  • Spilling a full mug of coffee over the mobile phone – also kaput – not fixed!
    (Maybe I can blag an early upgrade)?
  • A WordPress site failure – users could not login – the white ‘screen of death’ – fixed!
  • A Joomla! website being hacked by an anti-western muslim cyber terrorist – fixed!
  • A Yahoo email account hacked – fixed!
  • A customer’s email niggling email problems – fixed!
  • Tendering for doing two pub websites – ongoing!
  • Achieving a 30% increase in website traffic for
    Now 15,000 vistits from 5,500 unique computers + 158,000 pages – stellar!
  • Sorting out a neighbours lap top + BT internet connectivity issue + cloud backup – fixed!
  • Achieving a customers’ Google No1 ranking for ‘mobile phone repairs in Horsham’
  • Very pleased to see that free wifi is shortly to be available in all WSCC Libraries!
    (I got them to agree to ‘allow’ and ‘plug in’ lap tops in libraries)!
    Slowly, slowly catchy monkey!
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Grabbing compelling content from a web page

kwout” is a way you quote a part of a web page as an image with an image map that retains the original hyperlinks.

To use this service, all you need is to add our bookmarklet to your favorite browser.

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Hotmail hacked? Solved

hotmail hacking

Hotamil email account hacked? Don’t despair as we can fix this for you.
Rob Pine Web Design in Horsham can fix your problem

If you’d like to have a go at fixing it yourself click here for instructions

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Computer repairs in Horsham

Computer repairs in Horsham

Computer repairs in Horsham.

How frustrating is it when you are sorting out other peoples’ problems, left right and centre, and your own machine decides to ‘throw a wobbly’?

Our laptop has, for a while, been displaying annoying hard drive low memory warnings. We looked at it from every which way, uninstalled programmes that are rarely used, archived emails, etc, etc. All to no avail. Until today.

We run a proxy server called Xampp with MySQL and Apache Server. Xampp itself was a modest 640Mb in size, but when we looked at Apache it was found to be consuming 60Gb of memory. Our quest for the cause was over, and it was goodbye to the lot!

We now have a happy and clean, lean, mean creating machine again – cool!

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How to Import Outlook Contacts into Facebook

We  thought we were  going barking mad….

We are now doing a Facebook Business Page for most of our customers.
Integrating the client’s website with the Facebook Page is a snip.
But it has been quite a while since we have exported the customer’s Outlook Contacts into Facebook.

The theory is dead simple.
You export the Outlook Contacts as a .csv (Windows) file.
Save it on to the desktop and then upload this file to Facebook.
But would this work? Not on your Nellie!
So what was going wrong for us, and were we we really being all that daft?

On investigation we found buried deep within the Facebook help files were these magic words.
“Ensure that the first column contains the contacts’ email addresses and it is called ‘Email addresses’”.
Ours was headed ‘Email address’
So we did that, and yes, (you guessed) it, the file uploaded first time without any hitch or glitch.
Why this key information is not displayed more prominently beats us!

It is often  the simple little things that take such a lot of time and cause such huge frustration. Solving them is very satisfying!


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Social Networking

Businesses are now wising up to the fact that love it or loath it, social networking, (and especially Facebook and Twitter), are essential marketing tool. We can help get your business there.

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FizzDrive Cloud Backup – Update

We discovered yesterday that PC World sell the same cloud backup product as we do, and for the same price – £50 / year. However, they give their customers 1TB od cloud storage place, whereas we offer a whopping 5TB as standard  – have some of that!


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Email Recovery and setup

We have  recovered access to:

  • MS Hotmail
  • Google Mail
  • Virgin mail
  • Sky mail
  • Yahoo mail
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