Computer Repairs in Horsham

Computer repairs in horsham

We were asked to repair a computer by a lady in Horsham.This was a clogged up, virus infected Compaq tower pc – we restored it to its factory settings.
The owner is delighted that she can now do some work again!
Open Office installed and client now able to pick up emails from 3 accounts using Mozilla Thunderbird.

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Website ‘mobilised’!

Yestreday we tweaked the Shelley Arms website by optimising it for display on mobile phones. Cool!

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QR Codes – A very powerful fundraising, marketing and recruiting tool!

An article that I read in The Guardian prompted me to investigate these wee strange beasties, which seem to be cropping up all over the shop, these days. My son grinned and said it’s a ‘QR’ code. (Turns out that it is a 2D bar code, and the QR stands for ‘Quick Response’.

Suitably enabled smartphones can scan them and this prompts the owners phone into life  to do something - like:

The article mentioned how many charities are using them to good effect. I am thinking that if ‘they can do it’, then we, in NHW can do it, too!

It has taken me just a couple of hours to get my head around QR codes.

  • The prospective member scans our code with their phone which promts them to send an email to us asking us to send them an application form.
  • The form is sent to them directly, also using a mobile phone
  • They fill out the form – 2 minutes – and the most lengthy part of the process.
    Then they send the form back to us
  • We then send them a ‘welcome’ email.

This is all done on the spot – using mobile phones and takes about 3 minutes. Neat!

Item on BBC South Today about a firm of undertakers offering QR codes on gravestones that send you to a web page that displays info and tributes. Yours for just £300! (I am in the wrong business)!

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Client email issues resolved

A customer’s had three email addresses that fed into a hotmail account that he could no longer access.

We restored all three email addresses, so that email was delivered to the excellent and free Mozilla Thunderbird email client (that we installed for him), and he can still access his emails via the web, when away from his machine.

We also set up his Samsung Galaxy to receive email from his three email acounts.

(It was good to finally get our hands on a Samsung Galaxy. We have done Blackberries, iPhones, and now Samsung Galaxy. Looking for an HTC phone now).

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Littlehampton NHW

Site put together this morning for Littlehampton Neighbourhood Watch. It is a bit of an empty shop window at the moment, but Rome was not built in a day!
Training went well on Wednesday.

Next step to aggregate client’s 3 email addresses and have all email delivered to his mobile phone and enable him to pick up on rss feeds (HTC mobile – not looked closely at one of these before).

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Mystik Ink Tattoo Studio with Barnetts Barbers Shop created for tattoo artists  Owen Gamester, Dan Jones, and hair dressers Emma Haley and Nikki Winter – For the Mystik Ink Tattoo Studio with Barnetts Barbers Shop, Horsham.

New website is showing prominently in Google listings.

24 hours after launch, email received from Bekka inquiring about a tattoo on her foot. (The new system clearly works)!

Clients Dan Jones Owen Gamester now have new ‘proper’ email addresses:
They now have joined up and professional email with their website / email / computers / mobile / gmail accounts fully integrated!

Check out Dan’s design galleries - ther are 100s of designs to choose from!

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Mystik Ink Tattoo Studio

We have just put together a website for a tattoo studio. this was visible on the internet for just 24 hours and already they’ve had an email enquiring about having a tattoo done. Cool!

We tell customers that most business is done by word of mouth and recommendation, but, if you have a website all sorts of new leads will come along, and this morning’s email enquiry proves the point!

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Customer’s Blackberry enabled


We installed the WordPress app on a customer’s phone so now he can update his website using his Blackberry.

We also set up his BB to send and receive emails, so he will be cooking on gas from now on!

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Littlehampton Neighbourhood Watch

Nationally, Neighbourhood Watch has been losing members rapidly – but don’t just take our word for it – take a look at the report from the ‘think tank’ DEMOS.

The reasons for the decline are twofold:-

  1. Firstly, many members are old and, with each year that passes more members simply pass away
  2. Secondly, the people who have run NHW the same way for YEARS have done nothing to improve, modernise and regenerate NHW and make it more accessible and relevant to people in their 20s, 30, 40s and 50s.

In Littlehampton as recently as November 2011, there was an Extraordinary AGM called by the septegenarian and octagenarian committee to wind the Littlehampton branch of NHW up, as they felt they could no longer cope with running it.

Mike Cullern has stepped forward to try to rescue Littlehampton NHW and bring it back from the brink. We will be helping Mike to achieve this by building him a modern website that is ‘fit for purpose’ in this ‘Information Age’.

In the village of Plaistow we are helping to establish a NHW scheme.

And in Tarring (Worthing) we have already set up a NHW website.

And each month we get around 100 people join NHW through Twitter.

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Carfax Cars, Horsham

CC wanted a higher Google listing for ‘minibus hire in Horsham’.
Achieved – now they are No1 (for this search term)!

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