Cloud Hosting Explained

Cloud hosting

What is Cloud Computing All About?

Everyone who uses the Internet today uses cloud computing in one way or another, even if they are not aware they are doing so. You’ve proabaly heard thousands of times this term, but what is cloud hosting all about?

Cloud computing is now a real time alternative to the traditional network server and hardware based IT infrastructure of the past. Cloud computing is information technology and applications that are stored in the ‘cloud’, This is really just another term used to refer to the Internet. The old method was to store all this info on your own network server hardware. With the advent of cloud computing it has proved to be a lot cheaper for businesses to use as they no longer need to purchase applications, hard drives or back up disks as well as the expensive software, which previously they needed to run their systems. Businesses can now rent all this through a cloud hosting provider who keeps their systems not only up and running but up-to-date as well.

Not only is this a very cost effective way of running a business but it also means that all business procedures using IT can be carried out a lot faster in a more flexible and very efficient environment. The best part about cloud computing is that no one needs to have any sort of know-how when it comes to using it, all a person needs to be able to do is know how to use either a computer or a laptop.

At one time there was an issue over the security of cloud computing, but these days the security levels are well established and many cloud hosts are finding that more and more big businesses are making the transition to it simply because of the enormous benefits it offers their companies. However, it is always advisable to check with your cloud host or provider as to what kind of back up they provide you with as well as the security protocols they have in place on their systems, so that you can feel absolutely safe in letting them handle all your files and sensitive company information.

Another aspect of cloud computing is that it can be purchased on a pay-per-use basis or it can be subscription based, which makes it available to everyone. The fact that it is easy to integrate into other applications has been another great draw that people have come to appreciate about it. Add to this the advantages of being able to recover data after a disaster and it makes cloud computing a very attractive option for any business to consider.

As with most information technologies, to really get the best out of them a customized program needs to be set up for businesses. Because cloud computing is easy to integrate with other applications, this can be achieved in record time and still meet the needs of each individual business. When upgrades are carried out the levels of service remain the same as they were when the system was originally set up. It is worth getting a quote from a business IT support company who will understand your cloud computing needs.

Cloud technology upgrades are automatic so in essence this does not affect IT resources which means no time is lost when they are introduced to the system and this means staff can spend more time on productivity and other important factors relating to a business which at the end of the day means a better bottom line at the end of the fiscal year. Cloud computing today is seen as the way forward to creating a business environment that networks quickly and efficiently without having to spend a fortune in the setting up and the running of a system.