Free Web Applications

Select from the following list of superb web applications which are absolutely free when you take out one of our hosting packages!

Content Management Systems

WordPress makes it easy to run a
blogging site. (This is a WordPress site).

Quickly set up an enterprise standard, database driven website with Joomla!

Drupal is a powerful website
creation tool.

PhpBB is the simple way to
manage a forum.

Business Support

Sugar CRM
Customer relationship management for your business. Log every contact with a customer, keep all your data in one place – and provide better customer service.

A system for tracking bugs or problems with a project you’re working on. It allows you to log issues and assign them to others on your team to fix.

Create online courses and training programs with this e-learning application. Add content, quizzes and more.

Photo Galleries

A comprehensive online photo gallery. Also interacts with some other Fusion apps – including Joomla and phpBB.

A photo album organiser that lets you upload, categorize and display your photos. Can be integrated into your website too.


Create a website that anyone can edit – just like Wikipedia. Tikiwiki is very powerful – you can use it for websites, intranets, extranets … whatever!

A wiki is a website that anyone can edit. MediaWiki powers the world’s best-known Wiki, Wikipedia – now you can create your own wiki for whatever you like too!

Productivity Tools


Manage your personal stuff online with this suite of useful applications. Includes a calendar, bookmarks, contacts, notes, passwords, tasks and more.

e GroupWare
Manage contacts, appointments, projects and to-do lists across a team of people in your business.

Use this online calendar to track appointments and meetings for one or more users. Or set up an event calendar that visitors to your website can see.

Helps you coordinate group activities and share information online. Includes a shared calendar, project management and time tracking system and contact manager.

An online family tree research tool which lets you work with other family members, even if you’re all located in different places.


OS Ticket

Manage, organize and archive all your support requests and responses in one place while providing your customers with the accountability and responsiveness they deserve.

Mailing List Manager


Is a newsletter manager. Messages can be personalised and targetted based on user specific criteria (eg location). It has many features, including open and click tracking, attachments, bounce handling, multi-part emails and sending a webpage.