Web Site Design

Fortunately, web technology has galloped along in the last few years….

Old style html websites have all but had their day, and they have been replaced by active and dynamic database driven systems. And, whatever features and functionality you would like your website to have, some clever person will very likely have come up with a solution.

These days we like to provide our customers with a fully featured website that they can maintain themselves. There is no software to buy as everything is done on line. If you can type, (even badly), and have broadband access to the internet, you can be cooking on gas in just a couple of hours, and you will be in complete control of your website.

If you have a smartphone, you can even use that to update your site.

These days businesses are waking up to the enormous potential of social networking sites – Facebook and Twitter being the two most popular. We can integrate your website with Facebook and Twitter. You publish once to your website and, ‘hey presto’, your new content is automatically streamed to Facebook and Twitter. This is a hugely powerful business tool.

We have even made it possible for real ale pubs to send their customers a text message to let their customers know when a barrel of their favourite beer goes on sale.

If you need a website, speak to us about it!