For good or for bad, Windows 8 is here!


MS Windows Eight problems resolved!

One of my website customers has just upgraded to a Windows 8 laptop….

One small problem. The interface is completely different. For reasons best known to themselves the MS boffins have abandoned the 20+ years of Windows tradition of having a ‘Start Button’ on the bottom left of the screen. So new users fire up their new machine and are completely flummocksed!

“Can’t do my emails, can’t print anything, and this damn machine is going out of the Window unless you can help”. Of course we could. The first thing we did was sort out the email accounts. Then we sorted the wireless printer so that it did indeed print wirelessly. And then we put a helpful ‘start button’ back where the owner was expecting to see it.

MS are doubtless feeling pretty pleased with their new operating system, but seem to have lost touch with their users’ preferences.

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